Publisher’s Announcement — Rachmaninov Moment Musical Nº 2 E flat minor

Your readers may be interested to know that PianoPracticalEditions is delighted to announce the publication another “first”.

This year, following the successful issue of a possible second Suite Bergamasque by Debussy1 and two Rachmaninov Preludes2, another work by the Russian composer, Moment Musical Nº 2, has just been published presenting two versions : the original and the 1940 revision — identical page and bar numbers making it easy to compare. Intriguing differences in the text, tempo (the metronome speed has been removed), dynamics and agogic markings can be observed. 

1 Masques …d’un Cahier d’Esquisses and l’Isle Joyeuse — three pieces published separately in 1903-04 united in one volume, possibly for the first time, where their interconnection as a group can be readily appreciated.

2 The first and last published in one volume for comparison