Piano Solos

15 short pieces written in 1998 — 99; they range from rather easy (grade – 1) to some challenging grade 8 stuff. Some are either romantic or vaguely “jazzy” — there are also 3 études and a tango.

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Collection vol 1 grade 0 – 2

Collection vol 2 grade 2 – 4

Collection vol 3 grade 4 – 6

Collection vol 4 grade 5 – 7

Collection vol 5 grade 7 – 8

This collection of 5 volumes provides material for pupils from  the absolute beginner to about grade VIII. The pieces are gleaned from early classical to late romantic repertoire together with some original compositions and arrangements.

In the first two volumes, I have to say that progress is rather fast and will particularly suit talented pupils or those who have some experience of other instruments.

I created this collection in May 1998 — please send me your comments and observations!

France April 2018

Collection duets complete

A collection of duets ranging from grade 0 to 8 — ideal for mixing pupils, siblings, parents and teachers. The composers range from Lully to Jacob Gade, via Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky and there are arrangements and original compositions by Marie-Thérèse and myself. Enjoy !

France May 2018