Schumann’s ‘year of song’ 1840

PPE is delighted to announce six new solo piano transcriptions by Ray Alston, ideal for students and aficionados above grade 8. Adelbert von Chamisso’s 1830 cycle of poems Frauenliebe und Leben — A Woman’s Love and Life — expresses sentiments totally out of step with the concept of women’s liberation, but the music is absolutely gorgeous.

Op 25/3 Der Nussbaum page 3

Op 39/1 In der Fremde page 9

Op 39/8 In der Fremde page 16

Op 42/4 Du Ring an meinem Finger page 20

Op 42/5 Helft mir, ihr Schwestern page 25

Op 57    Belsatzar page 30

My purpose was to discover the essence of this irresistible music, at the same time creating a pianistic challenge and an addition to the recital repertoire. I have faithfully kept to the original melodic lines and harmonies with some artistic licence, filling the gap between Clara’s straightforward arrangements and the more flamboyant versions of Liszt and Godowsky.  Ray Alston August 2021

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