Chopin Études

Chopin Études Op 10 : I have uploaded a first volume (1 – 4) just in time for the long annual holidays. A project commenced a few months ago, the complete set of 27 will be long… no doubt another year at least. This publication will concentrate more than is usual on the musical and creative inspiration. As far as I know this is the first to appear since Badura-Skoda’s Wiener Urtext almost 50 years ago.

PPE has completely redesigned the layout spreading out the text for easier reading. Each étude has a short introduction and includes for what it is worth my personal fingering and ‘arrangements’. There is also an appendix following in the footsteps of Cortot, with a few preparatory exercises and ideas to help solve technical and musical problems posed throughout these amazing studies.

With seasonal greetings from France.


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